Vote For Sam

Vote For Sam

Tomorrow there is a by-election for the County Council division of Wisbech South.

If you live in Wisbech South then your choices are;

Dean Reeves for Labour : Dean is a nice chap, but he’s still Labour which means he is still  from the party of taxing and borrowing and taxing and borrowing.  His blog talks about all the changes he would like to make and it’s revealing that he gets some stuff completely wrong, some stuff is already happening and most of it has no bearing on the role of County Councillor.

Susan Carson for UKIP:  Seriously?  Who is going to vote UKIP?  This is the party who gave us Peter Lagoda, the man who first got into trouble over the benefits claim and ended up in court pleading guilty, then got suspended by his party, then resigned at precisely the right time to land us all with an unnecessary bill.  Once bitten, twice shy, and all that.

Josie Ratcliffe for the Lib Dems:  “The Lib Who?” I hear you cry.  Indeed.  The Lib Dems support in Wisbech evaporated some time ago, mostly of their own doing.  But Josie Ratcliffe doesn’t even live here.  What is it with Lib Dems fielding paper candidates from miles away?  It’s never worked so far, but they keep doing it.  Can’t they find a local candidate?

Sam Hoy for the Conservatives:  It will be no surprise to you, dear reader, that I’d rather like you to vote for Sam tomorrow.  But not just because she is my friend.  On every measure she must surely be the best candidate?  She has by far the most experience as a Councillor having been a senior County Councillor previously, a senior member of the Fire Authority, a District Councillor, a town Councillor and the Mayor of Wisbech.  She has always served the town in an exemplary fashion and commands the respect of many Officers and constituents.  Sam has demonstrated on many occasions a keen mind, a solid work ethic and a compassionate and honourable nature.

But frankly, the main reason I’d like Sam to win tomorrow is a selfish one.  I’d rather like somebody who – when a Highways issue arises – actually does something about it.  That would be nice.