Wisbech Castle Update, 3rd August 2018

Wisbech Castle Update, 3rd August 12018

It’s been an incredible couple of months for Wisbech Castle. So much has happened!

We’ve had all sorts of groups and events making use of the building and grounds as more and more of it is brought back into a usable standard.

We’ve had our first fully commercial booking.

Volunteers have been beavering away inside and out with so many people giving their time and energy to the building and grounds.

Tradesmen have been busy too, restoring areas and doing work that was beyond what volunteers could reasonably get done.

Most of the inside of the building is all but finished. The gardens look incredible. The Pump House is almost ready to roll. The Enchanted Walk has had its initial work done.

Walls and ceilings and floors and carpets and repointing of bricks and painting and railings and repairs to structure and contents all continues apace.

We have a team about to start work on a new booklet guide to the Castle and its history.

Next week we have the United Nations UNBOSI team doing something weird and wonderful, open to the public, for several days. None of us know much about this except that it sounds exciting and you should definitely come along and see!

The front of the building looks great with its new stone lions and wonderful flower displays and repainted metalwork and heritage lighting.

The rear of the building has seen a shedload of work to take that tired old paint facade and spruce it right up.

The work on the vaults begins soon too, and that’s a big project.

We hope that the Castle and grounds will be fully open to the public in September, with the vaults opening to some extent in time for Halloween at the end of October.

More volunteers are always needed and welcome. Come and join the team that is putting the Castle back where it belongs, at the heart of Wisbech.