Wisbech Castle Update. 7th August 2018

Wisbech Castle Update. 7th August 2018

It’s crazy at the Castle today – people everywhere!

Dave Topgood and Tony Bennett are repairing false windows and painting everything that needs painting and some things which don’t. Listen, if you pay the place a visit, don’t sit down for too long – or one of them will measure you, undercoat you and then deal with any rotten wood you have accumulated. Trust!

Roger Rawson and Brenda Barber are working around the grounds (and Roger has framed the photos he took, which we will be using as part of our decorations in the Castle Cafe when it opens.)

Duncan and his sidekick have almost finished the work on the Market Street Entrance paving and the Fairy Den. Which means that the entrance from Market Street to the Pump House is no longer a bit of rough waste ground, but is a lovely driveway of paved stones with the Castle Logo featured in the centre. This will make the Cafe accessible for hopefully everybody when it opens in September and is also a smart entry point for the grounds in general.

The Fairy Den! Wow, that has come out better than we ever imagined. The original idea to deck the area out as a secret Fairy Den for kids to enjoy morphed into a plan to create a camouflaged secret walk which leads from the Fairy Den to the garden through a concealed passage. The work is now complete and its great fun and very charming – I think kids are going to enjoy using the den and the secret walkway very much. Better still, its all ready in time to be used by the United Nations BOSI team for their event: Thursday through Sunday this week.

Speaking of the United Nations BOSI team – that’s crazy stuff, right there It’s like a colony of mad scientists has been set loose in the Castle grounds. All over the place there are weird machine, and strange devices, and bizarre doohickeys. This is part of their “Inspiration Trapping” experiment which the people of Wisbech are invited to help them with this week. It’s just absolutely awesome. Don’t miss it.