Wisbech Castle vs Mrs Bucknor?

Wisbech Castle vs Mrs Bucknor?

Mrs Bucknor and the usual crowd seem to have been suggesting that Wisbech Town Council should not now save Wisbech Castle because the proposed Council Tax Rise (80p a month for Band A, just over a pound a month for Band D) is too great a price to pay. She is encouraging people to visit Town Council and protest it, it appears.

Putting aside for a moment the fact that she was still a Councillor at WTC when this was proposed:

Putting aside for a moment the spin that “34%” represents a huge sum of money for people, by suggesting its the whole Council Tax bill rather than the tiny Town Council portion of it.

Putting aside that she certainly enjoyed stoking the outrage back when Wisbech Castle first risked being sold off:

Putting aside that she has endlessly demanded that Town Council should have prevented the sale of the old Court House by stepping in and buying it, and whether that’s a little hypocritical given her recent complete about face:

Putting aside that Wisbech Town Council would have tens of thousands of pounds MORE money if it hadn’t had to pay for a series of by-elections caused by Mrs Bucknor and her friends:

Wisbech Castle is a centre-piece of our Town. It is a vital part of our history and heritage. If we do not take it over we will lose it. We cannot take it over, repair it and run it without some additional funds because money does not grow on trees.

I have never been a supporter of big Council Tax rises but I am and always have been a realist. Of course, as with every issue, some people will not agree. I genuinely believe that a majority of our Town support Wisbech Town Council stepping in to save Wisbech Castle. I believe that the majority of our town support the rise (once again 80p a month for Band A and a bit over a pound a month for a Band D) is a price worth paying to save Wisbech Castle.

Mrs Bucknor clearly believes that she and her friends can gain some political advantage by taking a firm line against our saving Wisbech Castle. I think she has misjudged the people of Wisbech, most of whom value our heritage, and understand the reality that things do cost money. I don’t believe her stance – no matter how she and her friends heckle – will gain traction. Because the people of Wisbech are not stupid and will not fall for this opportunistic and cynical attempt to manipulate them and cast a shadow on this important work.

In the same way that she is now struggling to claim she had something significant to do with the forthcoming Skate Park (she raised £30 in six years, the four new Town Councillors secured £70,000 in a few weeks) people will see through it, I feel confident.

If you agree that Wisbech Castle is worth saving and that scaremongering about Council Tax is not appropriate, please respond to the people making these claims when and if you see them. Tell them its not acceptable.